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AccuTrace is committed to providing fast, affordable, accurate test results, using a wide array of the best testing techniques available. Legally binding results & home testing kits available. Nationwide and confidential results for businesses or personal.

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Our most popular services include DNA, Paternity, and Drug Testing. We provide DNA/Paternity testing appropriate for legal and non-court cases. We help employers implement a drug screening and/or enforcement program.

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Drug, Poison, Toxic

AccuTrace provides drug testing, poison, toxic testing through fingernails and toenails. Results are normally processed with 3-5 business days. We offer our services nationwide, and we are able to detect many commin toxins.

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Background Checks

AccuTrace empowers employers to conduct a wide range of pre-employment background screenings, including criminal, civil, Homeland Security, bankruptcy, previous employment verification, and more.

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